Very friendly, prompt and courteous staff at Integra. Clean, orderly and spacious office. Dr. Yang is very personable and kind. She cares about the health of her patients and she will do everything she can to improve your condition and health via acupuncture and advice in diet and lifestyle changes. I have arrived to appointments in total agony, and have seen and heard other patients in similar condition, yet after acupuncture we arent feeling as bad and many times I actually leave feeling much better, more energized, more calm and often experiencing less physical pain than when I arrived.

Being deathly afraid of needles, I came to Integra for acupuncture as a total last resort. The final straw. I found myself in a horrendous situation of desperately needing but no longer receiving sufficient treatment via my long time doctors/other health practitioners. I now wished I would have just tried the acupuncture much, much sooner. And while, in my instance, i cannot yet call acupuncture a “cure”, likely because Im so screwed up from surgeries, chemo, many long term medications and fighting multiple life threatening diseases, I find it to be an important arrow in the quiver of things I do to help ease my suffering and improve my overall health.

I, personally, have had extensive disease, surgeries and treatments during my relatively short life. While the mainstream “Western medicine”; Doctors and surgical interventions have literally saved my life more than once, I have paid a very, very heavy cost to still be breathing. The acupuncture usually helps me feel better in the short term, but also, after weeks of treatments, there are some long term positive difference to how I feel. Since starting the acupuncture with Dr. Yang my family tells me there is a visible improvement to the outward appearance of my conditions and I must say I notice it too. So…just try it! Its your health we’re talking about people. Thank you Integra and thank you Dr. Yang!Christopher 03/28/2017
I began seeing Dr. Yang for infertility after trying to become pregnant for 2 1/2 years. I am now pregnant with baby #2!!Annette 7/19/2012
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and the doctors said there was no known cause and no cure. Immune system would kill thyroid and I would be on meds for the rest of my life. After treatments with Dr. Yang I am feeling great. Pain free. My blood pressure is 112/60 and my heart rate is 65 (not too bad for 53 years young). I thought if there was no cure, I would heal my body with Acupuncture. Thanks Dr. Yang!!Warren 4/17/2012
I started seeing Melissa a few weeks ago. I have noticed considerable improvement with several of my problems. I have seen many doctors over the years for health issues. Melissa takes the time to understand you and is genuinely interested in your life and well-being. I continue to go to her because of her skill and her caring nature.Andy 3/5/2012