Testimonials & Reviews

(Google Rating as of 7/18/2018)

“I have been seeing Melissa for over 3 years now and have recommended her to all of my friends and family.  She knows where I hurt without saying a word! Rarely do I see my GP anymore – she’s helped relieve my aches, pains, allergies, stress and sleep issues.  All without taking ANY medications!  She is truly a blessing to me and my loved ones…” -Kris

“I started acupuncture in May due to an injury to my body.  The very first day getting acupuncture I was super nervous. But Melissa Yang put me at ease and was so knowledgeable on how the body functions and what points she needed to hit to help my body heal.  I have been feeling better gradually each month and am still on this journey now.  I recently started Tai Chi classes and I find it very relaxing.  It aids my stress levels and gets me up and moving which I need.  I highly recommend trying acupuncture and Tai Chi at Integra.  I really believe it has many health benefits.”      – Brittany

“My daughter Jessica has suffered with chronic pain.  Working with Melissa at Integra Acupuncture has helped relieve not only pain but anxiety and sleep problems.  She has a true gift!” – Donna

“Trying acupuncture as a last resort for some sinus inflammation issues – wish I had tried acupuncture first! She’s very helpful and cares about your total body’s health – doesn’t just treat your condition and done.”        – Matt

“Integra Acupuncture is an excellent facility with a very warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.  Melissa (Ning) Yang, L.Ac was not only kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable, she also provides a detailed assessment and enviornment in which one can feel comfortable. I work in health care and this was my first experience with a professional eastern approach towards improved health, I recommend this experience to everyone!     – Karen